Commercialization of Selective Hybrid High Throughput Fused Direct and Filament Deposition Modeling System

While newer, advanced Filament Fused Deposition Modeling (FFDM) 3D printing systems for additive manufacturing of plastics products have been designed in order to increase rate productions similar to conventional plastic transformation processes. Up to the date hybrid configurations that can achieve for printing selectively high deposition rates without compromising part quality hasn’t yet been fully developed and exposed as an optimal solution in plastic product design.For the previous case mentioned, the system’s proposed in this project apply a novel configuration where a large-scale 3D printing additive manufacturing machine will have the capability to print parts components at high deposition rates with direct fused deposition (DFDM) of polymer pellets or particles flakes by a screw-extruding system and include a selectively nozzle configuration to print zones by filament fused deposition (FFDM) polymer where higher printed layer resolutions are required based on part’s mechanical performance.

Roberto Monroy
Faculty Supervisor: 
Rafiq Ahmad
Partner University: