Community Based Mental Health Supports for Men from Ethnoculturally Diverse Communities.

This community project will train men from diverse ethnocultural backgrounds and support them in leading well-being groups with men from their communities. Evaluations from past projects have underscored the importance of engaging men in conversations of well-being, healthy relationships, and violence-prevention. This includes the need for further outreach to support men in accessing services and address intersectional and system barriers as part of an overall strategy for mens’ well-being and violence prevention. Together, our proposed study will generate knowledge on the process of creating culturally relevant community-based supports by investigating: What are the perspectives and recommendations of Latino, Pashtun, Iranian, Jewish, and Ethiopian men in developing a culturally appropriate and relevant Training Curriculum for well-being groups for men in their respective communities?

Jeff Halvorsen;Sarah Thomas
Faculty Supervisor: 
Liza Lorenzetti;Aamir Jamal
Partner University: