Community-based planning for a Just Inner-City Winnipeg COVID Recovery

Winnipeg’s inner city is home to low-income Indigenous, Black and people of colour communities that have long struggled with homelessness, poverty and the ongoing impacts of colonialism (CCPA-MB and CCEDNet, 2015; Silver, 2016). These challenges are now compounded by high COVID-19 rates and COVID-19-related barriers to accessing basic needs (CCPA-MB, 2020). Community-based organizations in the inner city have identified the inclusion of the needs and priorities of inner-city residents and communities as central to the social and economic recovery from the pandemic. Given the long-standing challenges facing low-income residents in the inner city, and the increased inequalities resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, this research will use precedent studies and document analysis to generate a framework and process for a just recovery from the pandemic in Winnipeg’s inner city.

Lila Asher
Faculty Supervisor: 
Sarah Cooper
Partner University: