Community-based water quality monitoring program for Halifax Regional Municipality

The community-based water quality program for Halifax Regional Municipality will target 76 lakes in the region to establish a long-term monitoring program to understand the trajectory of freshwater aquatic systems under continued and expanding urbanized influence. This new program will be led by HRM’s Water Program Coordinator with support from the Environment & Climate Change team. Data will be collected by the internship students associated with this project, local community organizations, and local consultants, creating a hybrid model of monitoring. This program will sample lakes that have been identified as highly or moderately vulnerable. Gathering of data will take place twice a year through a combination of HRM-support gathering (e.g. through staff or contractors) and HRM-trained community teams referred to as “LakeWatchers”. The purpose of this communications plan is to coordination actions and efforts in support of informing the municipality about this program, its intent, and how to get involved.

George Quinn
Faculty Supervisor: 
Andrew S. Medeiros
Nova Scotia
Partner University: