Community benefits of shared e-scooter pilot program in a suburban municipality

Shared e-scooters have recently emerged as a new form of micro-mobility. E-scooters offer an arguably environmentally sustainable transportation option that create an opportunity to replace some automobile trips. To date, most research focusing on e-scooters is situated in dense urban contexts, with little to no insights within suburban settings. The proposed project will explore the community benefits related to environmental sustainability and social equity, of the upcoming e-scooter pilot program in the City of Brampton. Intern 1 will explore if the City’s e-scooter pilot rollout and community engagement approaches are inclusive. Using trip data collected by e-scooter companies and survey data collected by Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU), interns 1 and 2 will examine who are using e-scooters, when, where and for what purposes, with a specific focus on sustainable and equitable transportation outcomes. Findings from the research will inform the future sustainability of Brampton’s e-scooter pilot program, informing infrastructure spending and transportation policy.

Sara Cullen
Faculty Supervisor: 
Raktim Mitra
Partner University: