Computer Game-Based Rehabilitation Platform Targeting Manual Dexterity: Transitioning Clinical Programs to Community

This study will develop a novel smart rehabilitation device and gaming software that is versatile and will provide highly effective, individualized exercise programs with embedded electronic records, timely feedback, and support for safe independent use in community centers and private homes. Through this study we will further gain deeper insights into the type of person who will find “therapeutic” games compelling, fun, and effective, and why this works. This project and the data systems and linkages it generates will provide a baseline for new health and technological investments to advance well-being in adults and children with spinal cord and acquired brain injuries. We will demonstrate, through practice and networking, the necessary partnerships and business model required to extend clinical practice to community centers and ultimately the home and to rural and remote communities.

Anuprita Kanitkar
Faculty Supervisor: 
Tony Sztrum;Nariman Sepehri
Partner University: