Concussion Diagnosis: Improving clinical decision making in football

Diagnosing and managing concussions have become an increasing priority in sports medicine. The King-Devick test is a screening assessment of neurological functioning detecting impaired eye movements and saccades. During the 2016 Canadian Football League (CFL) season, all players will undergo pre-season (baseline) and post-injury testing with the King-Devick test in addition to the CFL’s standardized medical evaluation for concussion. This project will conduct a sensitivity and specificity analysis of the King-Devick test to evaluate its effectiveness in diagnosis concussions. It will be correlated with other well established concussion assessment tools such as the Sideline Concussion Assessment Test (SCAT). The utility of the King-Devick Test may enhance concussion diagnosis and management in professional football.

Carley Borza
Faculty Supervisor: 
Martin Mrazik
Partner University: