Contactless In-Home Monitoring of Seniors’ Activities and Locations Using Data Fusion

This research study proposed a unique platform that can provide information on location of the seniors inside the home, the type of activities they are performing, the intensity level of their activities and their progress in performing exercises that have been assigned by their therapists, remotely. This platform will combine different types of data
to increase the accuracy of the algorithms and to reduce the false alarms. Different data fusion techniques will be evaluated to provide different packages for the users according to their health status and privacy concerns. One of the benefits of this proposal is the ability for our industry partner SmartONE to integrate different devices through
a single synchronized platform. The trainees will each have primary responsibility for a project within the four areas described above that respects their particular academic background, but will work in interdisciplinary teams to help ensure development of interdisciplinary knowledge and skills.

Ali Barzegar Khanghah
Faculty Supervisor: 
Atena Roshan Fekr
Partner University: