Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring via contact lens platform

Medella Health is developing contact lenses that continuously detect blood glucose levels to better manage diabetes and improve the quality of life for diabetic patients. Patients have a difficult time monitoring and maintaining their blood glucose levels because current systems are invasive, discontinuous and do not generate the continuous feedback necessary for patients to take immediate action. This mismanagement can lead to serious immediate effects (such as seizures, fainting) and long-term effects (such as kidney failure, cardiovascular diseases and blindness), thus significantly increasing costs for the healthcare system. The IT system in the mobile device will be able to run data analytics on blood glucose data, transfer information to health care providers and most importantly, send push notifications to patients in a state of diabetic emergency (i.e. if blood glucose levels reaches a certain threshold).

Long Pu & Chau-Minh Phan
Faculty Supervisor: 
Drs. Juewen Liu & Lakshman Subbaraman
Project Year: