Core Gut Microbiome of Commercial Black Soldier Flies in Standardized Diets

This project aims to characterize the interplay between gut microbiome community and BSF larvae in different diets and establishing a standard diet for BSF larvae. Commercialized BSF larva will be purchased and grown in a standard environment with different diets purchased from markets, collected from farmers, and artificially generated. The gut microbiome of BSF in both larval and adult stages reared on these diets will be extracted and sequenced. Comparisons of these gut microbiomes will help understanding the dynamics of gut microbiomes under different diets in BSF which will contribute to optimization for use of BSF in different agricultural applications. The sequencing results will be added to a large-scale database to develop SNPro panels for BSF in the future. In addition, this project presents one of the largest projects studying BSF in Saskatchewan to date, facilitating large-scale understanding of BSF present within the province.

Nathan Mante Gyan;Minh Thanh Truc Nguyen
Faculty Supervisor: 
Sean Michael Prager
Partner University: