Cozy Games and Character-Driven Narratives as an Effective Tool for Pediatric Voice Therapy

This project explores the development of new media and technology to aid speech-language pathologists (SLPs) specializing in voice therapy. Existing vocal therapy resources lack effective game interactivity and compelling character-driven narratives, both of which are known to increase motivation and engagement in learning. Clinicians do not have the expertise or know-how to utilize game mechanisms in the media they are developing, nor are they experts in the realm of story, fantasy and experiential learning. Incorporating these missing elements to voice therapy games can potentially produce more effective rehabilitation tools that are more reliably used by children, leading to better treatment outcomes. The intern's research and prototype development will lay the groundwork for future commercial products to be developed by Studio Amiko Inc. in the vocal therapy space.

Lillian Chan
Faculty Supervisor: 
Richard Lachman
Partner University: