Creating Communities Through Art: a study of community-led arts education in Katarokwi/Kingston

Through archival research and oral history interviews, this collaborative project will trace the past and present ofcommunity-led and socially engaged arts education in the Katarokwi/Kingston. Working with the Tett Centre forCreativity and Learning, a dynamic arts hub in the region, as well as several of its tenant organizations, includingModern Fuel Artist Run Centre and the Kingston Arts Council, our interdisciplinary team will document, analyze,and raise awareness of the roles that artmaking and art education have played in facilitating social engagementand understanding within and across Katarokwi/Kingston's diverse communities. Our research will be presentedin linked exhibitions at the Tett Centre and the Union Gallery at Queen's University in 2022. Both exhibitions will befree and open to the public.

Jung-Ah Kim;Beverly Jessa Laframboise;Andrew Burton;Peggy Fussell;Tia Bankosky;Prerana Das
Faculty Supervisor: 
Jen Kennedy;Carina Magazzeni
Partner University: