Creating a digital cultural asset platform for rural community knowledge and entrepreneurship

This project will explore cultural asset mapping on the Great Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland and Labrador, a region with rich cultural heritage but which also faces challenges with supporting entrepreneurship and promoting new economic opportunities. The project will explore options for the creation of a cultural asset mapping tool on the GNP through a community engagement process that will involve both traditional knowledge-holders and cultural entrepreneurs. The intern will work with the partner organization to identify a sub-region, compile existing cultural asset data, conduct interviews with local stakeholders, and work with a web designer to create a prototype online platform for displaying cultural assets in these communities. Intended as the first phase in a larger collaboration, the project’s outcomes will include a preliminary online cultural map co-designed with partner communities, an inventory of cultural entrepreneurship opportunities, and recommendations for developing supports for current and aspiring cultural entrepreneurs in the region.

Oluwaseyi Awosiyan
Faculty Supervisor: 
Kelly Vodden
Partner University: