Crowd-Sourced Bathymetry in the Northern Canada areas

The main objective of these two subprojects is to provide a web portal for uploading hydrography related data of sensors system embedded on fishing boat of volunteers in Canada Northern communities. Indeed, the geospatial portal will provide a comprehensive framework to allow for the storage, discovery and accessibility of the bathymetric and related oceanographic data from a data repository enabling to be functional including low Internet connection setup. Once, the data uploaded on the server, cross-validation and data format standards will be checked through the system. A complete metadata form will be designed in order to enhance the possibility of study on data quality and uncertainty assessment of group or individual data provider. Geospatial knowledge discovery methods will be applied to develop a Geospatial Business Intelligence (GeoBI) system in order to visual analytic purpose for geospatially informed decision-making.

Khaleel Arfeen
Sepideh Dibadin
Faculty Supervisor: 
Costas Armenakis
Ian Church
New Brunswick
Partner University: