Crustal architecture and rifting style of the offshore Nova Scotia Margin

We propose to investigate the crust and uppermost mantle structure of the offshore Nova Scotia margin with the aim of producing a comprehensive regional map of the rifting style along the margin to contribute to a better understanding of the margin geology and its significant variations from NE to SW. We will process the already acquired Line 3 from the Scotian Margin Transects (SMART) refraction seismic experiment with a geophysical inversion approach. Our result, in the form of a two-dimensional velocity model across the continental slope in the SW Nova Scotia margin, will be used to compare and integrate with already peer-reviewed published results from similar studies in the central and NE Nova Scotia margin. Net Zero Atlantic, a non-profit organization that leads transdisciplinary research projects to better understand the energy opportunities in the maritime provinces will benefit from gaining a better understanding of the rifting style and its variations along the margin, given that these are crucial to continuing exploring and assessing the energy opportunities and the risks associated with said opportunities.

Ana Corbalán Castejón
Faculty Supervisor: 
Vittorio Maselli;Mladen Nedimovic
Nova Scotia
Partner University: