Cyanobacteria Detection and Correlation to Toxin Production

Cyanobacteria or blue-green algae blooms have been increasing in frequency in recent years. These blooms have the potential to release toxins that can be deadly to wildlife, humans, and pets. There is currently no efficient way to predict which blooms will produce toxins. This project will compare a newly developed analysis method for detection of cyanobacteria which produce toxins to a laboratory-based method for detecting these toxins. The new method developed by Kraken Sense will be validated using a known toxin-producing cyanobacteria strain and also used to test real lake water samples. This project will assist Kraken Sense in validating their test method as well as increase knowledge surrounding the relationship between toxin-producing cyanobacteria and the toxin concentration in lakes.

Kavya Pilavangan
Faculty Supervisor: 
Allison Mackie
Nova Scotia
Partner University: