Cyclodextrin-based ordered polymeric frameworks and investigation of their gas uptake properties and applications

This research will be focused on the development of cross-linked framework materials which contain ?-cyclodextrin (?-CD) and bifunctional cross-linker units at variable composition. Several questions will be addressed: i) the role and relative contribution of multi-functional adsorption sites (inclusion vs. non-inclusion) of the framework material, ii) the role of framework structure and composition on permanent porosity and surface area effects. The structural characterization will utilize a range of characterization methods (e.g., spectroscopic, thermal, and diffraction); whereas, the adsorption and textural properties will be examined using gas uptake with N2 and CO2, water. By comparison, the adsorption properties in the condensed phase will be examined using dye probes and classical uptake experiments which can be monitored via visible spectroscopy. This collaborative work between the University of Saskatchewan and the Beijing Institute of Technology is expected to contribute to a greater understanding of the structure and function properties of such biopolymer-based framework materials, and their use for diverse technological applications.

Michael Kojo Danquah
Faculty Supervisor: 
Lee Wilson
Project Year: 
Partner University: 
Beijing Institute of Technology