Decentralized Services for Sharing and Searching User Generated Data

The existing model for applications and services on the internet is a centralized client server model where user
information is under the control of the service provider. As such as centralized model, albeit cost-efficient and
easy to maintain, has created dire consequences for humanity. Hence, for the proposed research project, we aim
to provide tools and algorithms for a decentralized and location-aware experience on the Internet. Individuals,
businesses, and institutions will make and qualify connections between one another by considering their trust for
each other and the "network-trust" by way of vouching for others within the network. This new paradigm requires
further research and development in areas including search, database, performance, and security, all within a
decentralized environment to maximize our commercial and social impact.

Qi Wen
Faculty Supervisor: 
Carson Leung;Cuneyt Gurcan Akcora
Partner University: