Decreasing Pitch-related Deposits in a Paper Mill

In an Eastern Canadian paper mill, there are often pitch and wood-related deposits on the processing equipment, in particular, the supercalender rolls. Such problems not only have negative impacts on the product qualities but also on the economical performance due to the increased downtime to clean-up the rolls. It is, therefore, important to minimize or even eliminate deposits in the production process in order to improve the efficiency of operation. During this internship, the intern will work with Irving Paper, a mill in New Brunswick, to undertake a systematic study to determine the key process parameters which affect the pitch related deposits. Based on these results, potential strategies to solve the problem will be proposed. It is also planned to carry out a number of mill trials with and without dispersant/pitch control chemicals from chemical suppliers.

Zhongguo Dai
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr.Yonghao Ni
New Brunswick