Delegation of Trust to Consumer Devices in Banking Applications

Trust lies at the very foundations of computer and information security, and is the basis for real-world schemes that require security properties, such as those that underlie consumer banking. Under this research project, we will investigate models for delegation of trust that meet desirable properties, for example, that guarantee that no security compromises occur unless certain trust assumptions are violated. We will also build a software prototype that integrates an appropriate delegation model that we devise with features on a consumer device, such as a fingerprint sensor on a mobile phone. The intent is to demonstrate, in practice, that such features in consumer devices can be securely leveraged in banking applications. This, in turn, gives new capabilities for our industry partner, BMO, to provide Canadian consumers with superior banking services, while maintaining security properties.

Boyun Zhang;Qiang Guo
Faculty Supervisor: 
Mahesh Tripunitara
Partner University: