Design and development of a mobile robotic platform for performing automated visual inspection on pipelines, automobiles, and infrastructures in extreme environmental conditions

An early damage/anomaly detection on objects such as: pipelines, turbomachinery, vehicles, and structural elements can save thousands of dollars that goes in the repair and maintenance costs. Various contemporary robotic inspection technologies exist that aim to solve this problem. However, a challenge arises when the objects of interest are present in remote regions with extreme/harsh environmental conditions that are unsuitable for humans. Such environments can potentially pose a threat to human safety. Therefore, a fully autonomous mobile robotic solution is needed to perform inspection procedures directly on the object. The objective of this research project is to design and develop an autonomous mobile robotic platform that has the ability to withstand every kind of extreme condition such as; strong winds, snow storms, extreme high and low temperatures, nuclear decommissioning sites, and uneven road surfaces. This mobile robotic solution will aim to not only decrease inspection costs and overall maintenance costs but also deliver high quality inspection procedures within minimal time. Moreover, the robot will be able to operate autonomously and thus, there will be no concern about the safely of the human workers.

Misha Afaq
Faculty Supervisor: 
Rafiq Ahmad
Partner University: