Design and Development of a Non-Parasitic DC Fast Charging Station for E-Transportation

The main objective of this project is to design, develop, and demonstrate Canada’s very first non-parasitic EV (NPEV) fast charging station for e-transportation based on hydrogen fuel cell as the main source of power. The TerraVis® Energy system will be a unique solution capable of providing true 100% green electricity without impinging on the energy infrastructure. Decarbonizing transportation should not create additional problems; in other words, drawing vast amount of power from the grid without restoring it, which will eventually result in brown-outs or power failures, especially in summer months. Thus, this project will lead the path for the development of next generation of high-power, sustainable charging solutions in Canada, especially in grid-constrained locations. Prototype NPEV chargers from 50-250 kW will be developed, covering expertise areas that include transportation electrification, power conversion systems, material characterization and fuel cell construction, thermal analysis, and battery management systems.

Alvin Huynh;Anindita Golder;Niranjan Shrestha;Ali Ismael;Faran Razi;Seham Shahid
Faculty Supervisor: 
Sheldon Williamson;Ibrahim Dincer;Martin Agelin-Chaab;Marc Rosen;Tarlochan Sidhu;Brad Easton;Ghaus Rizvi;Olena Zenkina;Xianke Lin
Partner University: