Design and Development of a re-configurable Wheeled Robot and an on-board Laser-Optic-based Inspection unit for Identification, Classification, and Measurements of Pipe Surface Defects

This research project focuses on the design and development of a robotic system and an inspection unit carried by it for doing Identification, Classification, and Measurement (ICM) of defects in pipes. Images/videos of the defects will be collected by a pipe inspection system to be developed in this project. Furthermore, wewill investigate how economically beneficial the technology and its implementation would be. Automated digitalreporting on defects will be conducted in this project in a lab environment by using machine-learning-basedtechniques. Defects such as dent, cracks, pitting, etc. will be generated on the pipe we have in our lab togenerate an image/video dataset for testing an evaluation of our ICM method. This will lead to generatingscore cards for the pipes manufactured in companies such as Evraz.

Marzieh Zamani Alavijeh;Amir Hossein Torabi;Mohammad Reza Mirzaei
Faculty Supervisor: 
Mehran Mehrandezh;Christine Chan
Partner University: