Design and Development of the Smart Friction Pendulum System (FPS) for High-Rise Buildings to cope with seismic loads

Buildings are vulnerable to moderate and powerful earthquakes. In order to keep their functionality during and after the seismic events, structural control systems are the promising candidates to be embedded in the buildings in which they dissipate the energy towards the building and separates the movements between the soil and the infrastructure. One of the common systems for this protection is the friction pendulum system (FPS), but it has the disadvantage of losing position once an earthquake happens. Then to improve this device a new material is implemented in the design, called shape memory alloy (SMA). This improvement allows us to have a smart FPS system that can support up to 14% of deformation in length and dissipate the energy while shaking.

Emanuel Martinez Villanueva
Faculty Supervisor: 
Rafiq Ahmad
Partner University: