Design and Implementation of a database driven website for IIBC Canada-based online Application

This project seeks to design and implement an online web-based application system for IIBC that will enable people to easily apply for Work permit, Study permit, Permanent Residence, etc. This will provide real-time access to data, making visa application easy for people from all countries to migrate to Canada. With this web application system in place, IIBC will reduce the time taken in handling the manual process, making their services effective and efficient, while generating extra revenue due to ease of processes for customers. This project will help the interns apply research skills gained in the area on provenance and semantic technology and will provide hands-on practical industrial skills to better position and shape them for real world complex challenges ahead.

Emmanuel Kaku
Uurtsaikh Jamsrandorj
Faculty Supervisor: 
Ralph Deters
Partner University: