Design and Prototype of Hybrid Battery Management System (HBMS) to Supply Economic Energy Storage Solution in Ultra-Cold Climate

The battery is considered as the source of power for electric transport. The performance of the battery drops at low temperature which reduces the mileage of Electric Vehicle (EV). This issue is hindering the widespread adoption of EV in cold places like Canada. The Low-Temperature Battery (LTB) can be used in EV to solve the low milage problem in extreme cold temperature, but its cost is around three times higher than the Normal Temperature Battery (NTB). So, using the LTB in an EV is not economically feasible. In this Hybrid proposed Battery Management System, LTB will be used to warm up the NTB in extremely cold weather, and NTB will be used to drive the EV. A controller will control the warm-up process based on the temperature data. All the protections (over-heating, over-voltage, over-current, etc) for LTB & NTB will be ensured in this project to determine system fesability.

Md. Ibrahim Adham
Faculty Supervisor: 
Hossam Gaber
Partner University: