Design of a Bio-Inspired Vibro-Based Burrowing Probe for Subsurface Investigation of Extra-Terrestrial Bodies

Our project investigates the effects of ultrasonic/sonic vibrations on assisting penetration for subsurface investigation of remote surfaces such as the Moon and Mars, where there are restrictions on mass and volume transportation. Such lateral vibrations, at a lower frequency, are used by snakes to hide in granular materials. Our final goal is to design a prototype that can withstand the lunar environment, contains the required scientific instruments and has a bio-inspired burrowing tool. Additionally, the developed tool can be used for terrestrial subsurface investigation in cases where access to the investigation site is limited, for example, beneath a dam or a power plant, dense forests, and sites susceptible to liquefaction.

Mahdi Alaei Varnosfaderani
Faculty Supervisor: 
Nan Wu;Pooneh Maghoul
Partner University: