Design of modular soil sensor for batteryless IoT application

The rapid growth in population and environmental concerns, demands for efficient energy production, precision agriculture, and effective system monitoring. Soil, air, and water ecosystems are the most critical natural resources that if not properly maintained, will have a direct impact on agriculture and human lives. Efficient energy production and smart agriculture are essential to fulfill the increasing human needs and to protect the surrounding environment by using a more advanced type of sensor technology. Real-time sensing of physical parameters requires systems that consume energy continuously. Wireless sensor technologies are expanding rapidly, which will increase pressure on the use of outcomes of this project, seeking batteryless wireless sensors for soil monitoring, will help Canada to improve greenhouse, fertigation, water balance, plant disease, and soil health management.

Hamed Khoshniyat
Faculty Supervisor: 
Rashid Mirzavand Boroujeni
Partner University: