Design, Sensing and Control of Novel Modular and Adjustable Prosthetics

Amputations of the upper limb are devastating injuries which can significantly affect the capability of performingdaily living, working and social activities. The current challenges of prosthetic solutions exist due to the lack ofmodular design, comfort, immediate response to user intention, interfaces and tactile feedback. The long-termobjective of Awenza Health is aiming at building the next generation of prosthetics to improve the lives of hundredsof thousands of amputees who suffer from discomfort and desensitization from their existing prosthetics. Theobjective of this project is to design a low-cost modular and adjustable prosthetics which can use sensory feedbackto control the motion. Force sensors including EMG will be investigated for the controller design of the newprosthetics. A modular and adjustable prosthetics will be designed and simulated for human-like motions. A 3Dprintedprototype will be built and tested with control unit and sensors for verifications.

Ryan Adderson;Lucas Wan
Faculty Supervisor: 
Ya-Jun Pan
Nova Scotia
Partner University: