Designing novel antimicrobial wound dressing for controlling wound infection

Most of chronic wounds have delayed healing process due to infection. Silver is the most common available method for controlling topical infection. While the microorganisms are getting resistance against silver. To address this concern, we developed novel antimicrobial composition which is effective than silver and available common antibiotics (ciprofloxacin and gentamicin). This formulation has other advantages such as being 7-50 times more cost-effective, significant antibiofilm/antimicrobial efficacy, lower chance of future resistance, non-toxicity to the host, and having antioxidant properties. As the formulations have different features and expenditures, development exploration is needed to direct them to be useful for a specific type of clinical, agricultural, or industrial applications. However, in this study we will coat novel antimicrobial on wound dressing to control wound infection.

Ali Pormohammad
Faculty Supervisor: 
Raymond Turner
Partner University: