Determining road sub-soil anisotropic resilient modulus on site using a self-boring pressure-meter

The proposed research initiative consists of on-site and laboratory tests to evaluate the compaction quality of road sub-soils. To that end, we will use a self-boring pressure-meter to determine the on-site resilient modulus and compare it with results obtained by the Quebec transportation department using triaxial equipment for deviatoric loading in accordance with the LC-22-400 method. Studies demonstrate that the resilient modulus is an essential parameter for road design and analysis. This research will benefit our partner, the Quebec transportation department, in several ways: help develop related expertise in Quebec universities; enhance R&D; contribute to advanced research and potential technology developments; establish valuable links with Quebec universities for future collaborations; and build ties with a new generation of researchers and future professionals in Quebec.

Ferdinand Ciza
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Adolfo Foriero