Developing an Application to Facilitate Health Practitioner-to-Patients eConsultation

Despite the advances in medical science over the years, a great number of the world population still lacks access to basic healthcare. The health disparity between people in low resource settings and developed countries cannot be overemphasized. The disparity in health between developing and developed countries is evident in their life expectancy. However, the current COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that our health is interconnected, and we are as healthy as the weakest link. Global health is our shared responsibility; therefore, we cannot leave any community or nation behind in the quest for global health. Therefore, this proposal aims to develop an application to promote global health by providing unrestrained access to medical professionals worldwide via technology irrespective of one’s geographical location. Specifically, we propose a develop dedicated video-enabled application to enable health practitioners and patients’ consultation from any part of the world thereby reducing the inequality in access to healthcare. This is in line with UNDP Sustainable Development goal of Good Health and Well-being for all.

Joseph Orji;Alaa Alslaity
Faculty Supervisor: 
Rita Orji
Nova Scotia
Partner University: