Developing Cannabis resources for the 21st century

Over the past few years Cannabis has gone through a revolution with respect to its applications to both the medical and recreational markets. For legal reasons, much Cannabis genetics has been hap hazard but now with legalization scientific approaches can be used to develop useful Cannabis strains for the industry. In this proposal, we will develop two transformative programs to revolutionize Cannabis genetics. The first involves the development of a cheap fast method to identify Cannabis strains. The second approach involves increasing the genetic variation of Cannabis strains for future industrial needs. The development of both a high throughput genotyping tool and mutagenized Cannabis germplasms is key to future breeding strategies with Cannabis licensed producers in Canada and abroad.

Hayley Mckay
Carina Carianopol
Germanna Righetto
Angela Fala
Faculty Supervisor: 
Shelley Lumba
John Coleman
Peter McCourt
Project Year: