Developing a Field Deployable Assay System for Environmental Monitoring

There are currently over 9,000 potentially contaminated sites in Canada that require environmental assessment. The Field Deployable Assay (FDA) is a simple and cost-effective method for performing accurate environmental monitoring and site assessments. The FDAs are composed of a stationary main body and a variety of interchangeable cartridges. These cartridges act as miniature greenhouses, easily allowing for the monitoring of the growth of plants and fungus over an extended period. Based on the rate of seed germination, seedling growth and plant-fungal interactions, the degree of contamination of a site can be determined. The goal of the research is to refine the existing cartridge models as well as developing new models. New species will also be added to the list of suitable candidates that can be used, allowing for more robust environmental assessments.

Patrick Strzalkowski
Faculty Supervisor: 
Kevin Stevens
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