Developing Genomic Tools for Improved Oyster Production in Eastern Canada

This project aims to develop genomic tools to enhance Eastern oyster (Crassostrea virginica) aquaculture in Canada. Genomic tools have the power to improve selective breeding programs by accelerating production, increasing profitability, and ensuring environmentally responsible practices. However, genomic tools are lacking for the Eastern oyster. This study will design and validate the first high-density panel of genomic markers specific to C. virginica. The partner organization (L’Étang Ruisseau Bar Ltd.) is the leading producer of Eastern oyster hatchery seed. The development of genomic tools will provide a tremendous benefit to the organization, allowing for accelerated production of a significantly improved oyster strain with improved hatchery yields. Moreover, this project aims to characterize the genomic basis of valuable traits and environmentally driven selection. The results of this project will further our understanding of the link between genotype, phenotype, and environment, promoting improved growth in the field and long-term commercial success.

Amanda Xuereb
Faculty Supervisor: 
Louis Bernatchez
Partner University: