Developing Guidelines for Building Information Modelling in theContext of Adaptive Reuse.

The growing demand to establish comprehensive BIM standards is demonstrated by a proliferation of both national (BIM Task Group in the United Kingdom and BIMForum in the United States) and international (buildingSMART Alliance) organizations working to that end. Adding to the sense of urgency is pending legislation in the United Kingdom (2016) that will require a BIM for all government building contracts over ?5 million. While these organizations are working to standardize BIM for new construction within the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Operations (AECO) industry, their work to date has not addressed the particular challenges for BIM in the context architectural conservation, rehabilitation, or adaptive reuse. Through ?Integrated Digital Technologies fro Adaptive Reuse?, we will compare BIM standards now being developed in Canada (AEC), the United Kingdom (BSI) and the United States (NBIMS) and test them within the context of the adaptive reuse of one Ottawa?s most significant heritage sites.

Katelyn Graham
Kenneth Percy
Faculty Supervisor: 
Stephen Fai
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