Developing a novel medical robotic device for treatment of lower back pain employing a non-invasive human-robot interaction method

NeoSpina Health Care Inc intends to contribute to unprecedented treatment techniques for LBP by developing a novel medical device and investigating acquired data from treatment procedures. Accordingly, the main objective of this project is to develop a non-invasive robotic device to treat a wide array of spinal conditions while reducing the treatment duration compared to conventional methods. The device will be equipped with motor actuators and force sensors, permitting interaction with the patient’s lumbar spine and data acquisition in real-time, which entails an appropriate design. This leads to distraction instead of traction, targeting only the segments that need treatment. To perform the required motions by the robot arm and soft interaction with the patient’s lumbar spine in a safe way, a feasible impedance/admittance control method will be developed to be applied to the robot’s arm.

Ehsan Zakeri
Faculty Supervisor: 
Wen-Fang Xie
Partner University: