Developing a Reliability-Based Life-Cycle Cost Model for Electric Motors

The proposed internship aims to study how the characteristics and reliability of Permanent Magnet Electric Motors (PMs) affect their life-cycle cost (LCC), including initial, maintenance, and energy costs. First, the effect of the variation of design variables on the performance and initial cost of PMs will be assessed and the cost will be correlated to performance. Second, the effect of materials and processes on the reliability and the LCC of PMs will be studied and LCC will be correlated to reliability. The results will be presented to TM4 in form of a detailed database. In developing such database, theoretical and technical aspects of manufacturing PMs will be considered in close collaboration with the Electric Motors Design team of McGill University and TM4 Inc. This database, coupled with the performance models of TM4, could be used to obtain design solutions with optimum performance and minimum cost.

Reza Lotfalian
Faculty Supervisor: 
Benoit Boulet
Project Year: