Developing Sustainable Aquaculture by Intensifying Seawater Gas Transfer

Over the past few decades, aquaculture has assumed a leading role in providing food security and meeting the increasing worldwide demand for a nutritious diet. However, the ability to continue this important role is threatened by the climate-change driven increase in ocean temperature and by the adverse impact aquaculture operations can have on the environment.
The overall objective of the proposed R&D project is to develop innovative, simple, flexible and energy-efficient approaches for enhancing aquaculture aeration operations. Successful accomplishment of such objectives will enable for maintaining optimum environmental conditions in both offshore and land-based aquaculture operations (both once through and recycle flows). This, in turn, will provide a competitive edge through enhanced food conversion efficiency, high fish survival rates, improved food conversion efficiency, and reduced susceptibility to infection.

Albahlool Idhbeaa
Faculty Supervisor: 
Adel M. Al-Taweel;Stephen Kuzak
Nova Scotia
Partner University: