Developing sustainable GFRC cladding panels for resilient buildings

Glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) panels are a lightweight cladding panels primarily used as fascia panels in building structures. Concrete when reinforced with fibers is often presented as an environmental improvement on typical concrete. In the wake of the rapidly emerging climate change emergency and to help improve resiliency in our residential buildings, the National Research Council, Canada has introduced guidelines in the National Building Code (2025) for climate-resilient construction to withstand extreme weather events. The local construction industry along with the University of British Columbia (UBC) sees value to the local construction industry to develop new sustainable building components for resilient infrastructures. This work aims to develop cost-effective and environment-friendly GFRP panels with adequate strength and durability.. The partner organization can utilize the research findings to develop green and durable GFRC panels as a sustainable solution to building projects.

Meraj Rubayat Kamal;Alaa Al Hawarneh
Faculty Supervisor: 
Shahria Alam
British Columbia
Partner University: