Development of a 3D in vivo Metastasis Model

Recent developments in cancer treatment have greatly improved patient survival and quality of life; however, tumour cells that invade and migrate to vital organs, such as lung and brain, are very difficult to treat successfully. We will develop and validate a 3D in vivo zebrafish model that will allow us to inject human cancer cells into the yolk sac of the fish and monitor how invasive the cancer cells are. We will test the accuracy of the model by comparing cell behavior in the zebrafish to those in standard invasion assays. The model will also be used as a drug screen to determine the efficacy of an array of drugs on treating and preventing cell metastasis. Developing and validating this 3D in vivo cancer metastasis model will provide Biomedcore with an inexpensive tool for predicting a tumours potential to invade and that can be commercialized for use as a powerful drug screen.

Janice Tubman
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Lisa Porter
Project Year: