Development of advanced chemical techniques for the production of graphene-based nanomaterials from graphite

Graphene is a recently discovered two-dimensional material with remarkable properties that scientists and industry are intensely striving to understand and exploit. It can be used in energy applications (e.g., batteries and supercapacitors for electrical vehicles), as conductive thin films for solar panels, as membranes for water desalination, and in antibacterial and antiviral coatings. ZEN Graphene Solutions Ltd. (ZEN) is a Canadian next-generation nanomaterials technology company that develops graphene-based technologies to help protect humanity and the environment, while significantly enhancing existing products. ZEN is focused on the development of its unique Albany Graphite as a precursor material for graphene production and various industrial applications. Prof. Aicheng Chen’s research team at the University of Guelph has developed laboratory scale techniques to synthesize graphene-based nanomaterials from ZEN’s unique Albany graphite. Two US patents and one Canadian patent have been recently granted. The aim of this proposed Mitacs Elevate project is to scale-up and transfer these newly patented approaches and innovative technologies from the Chen Research Lab to ZEN for the commercial production of graphene-based nanomaterials for clean energy, environmental, and medical applications.

Antony Thiruppathi
Faculty Supervisor: 
Aicheng Chen
Partner University: