Development of an advanced ice dynamics and deterioration model and a DEM flexural ice failure model

Offshore Newfoundland is an ice-prone environment which holds valuable natural resources. Better understanding of the ice environment and ice characteristics in this region is essential for safe and economical offshore activities. In this proposed research, we aim to develop advanced models that provide a deeper understanding of some aspects of ice dynamics and deterioration and ice mechanics to make improved predictions of ice behavior.
The first model aims to evaluate the relative contribution of sea ice forcing to the overall drift of four ice island fragments tracked offshore Newfoundland in the Strait of Belle Isle.
The second model is a discrete element model (DEM) that intends to provide a better understanding of flexural strength of solid ice, rubble ice and ice ridges.

Soroosh Mohammadafzali
Reza Zeinali Torbati
Faculty Supervisor: 
Rocky Taylor
Partner University: