Development of Advanced Treatment Methods in Gamma Knife Radiosurgery

This research focuses on two advanced treatment methods for Gamma Knife radiosurgery, primarily used to treat brain tumours, to bring both methods closer to clinical implementation. Dose painting uses medical images for prescriptions to individual voxels (small volume cubes), and tailors treatments to each patient’s tumour biology. Dynamic treatment involves continuously moving the patient while delivering radiation, which may reduce treatment times and improve dose uniformity in treating larger tumours. The complexity of either method means treatment planning requires computational inverse planning optimisation. The work of this research is tackling that optimisation, so as to create reliable and high-quality plans in clinically acceptable times. PMCC is one of the globally renowned centres for Gamma Knife treatment and research. Participating in this project will help PMCC in quicker clinical implementation of these advanced treatment methods, and in getting future research grants from both public and private sector partners.

Benjamin Tham
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dionne Aleman
Partner University: