Development and commercialization of an enhanced biochar production technology

The goal of this MITACS funded project is to advance existing technology for the production of biochar from sustainably harvested woody biomass. Current technology limits the amount of biochar produced from the raw wood. This project will evaluate the increase in production of biochar by some 30%.Biochar is a very resistant form of carbon that can be sequestered in soil and has a lifetime of approximately 500 years, making it a good means to reduce carbon in the atmosphere. Trees (often dead or dying trees) are harvested and the carbon tilled into the soil. The new trees will replace the harvested trees to capture CO2 from the atmosphere. In addition to removing carbon dioxide, the biochar is a significant benefit to plant growth, harvest yields, reduced fertilizer use, improved water use efficiency and a reduction in heavy metal uptake by plants. Science has suggested that the use of biochar could result in a very significant contribution to our goals or reducing greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere while benefiting soil health.

Irtaza Haider Syed
Faculty Supervisor: 
Paitoon Tontiwachwuthikul
Partner University: