Development and Evaluation of a Life Threatening Illness Point-of-Care Triage Test for the Fionet System

Building on our previous research and POC test prototype development, our goals for the project are to: 1) to confirm and further validate the association of altered levels of endothelial biomarkers with disease severity and mortality outcomes from LTIs in large patient populations in two settings, and 2) develop a rapid POC triage test for their detection at the bedside. If successful, we will choose the best performing biomarkers to include in a prototype POC device and will conduct performance studies and a validation of this LTI Triage Test against conventional molecular reference standards. AIM 1: Identification and Validation of Biomarkers of Life Threatening Illness from Biobanked Samples Extending our pilot studies aimed at identifying biomarkers implicated in the pathogenesis of LTIs, we propose to evaluate a set of EC-based biomarkers in two distinct patient populations of a) adult intensive care unit (ICU) patients with sepsis or systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) in North America and b) hospitalized febrile children in Uganda. In both populations, our primary aim is to identify single or combinations of biomarkers that accurately and reliably predict disease severity or death.

Kyla Hayford
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Kevin Kain
Project Year: