Development and Optimization of NanopectTM–Based Nano-Fertilizers for Crop Production and Improving Food Quality

Modern agriculture relies heavily on chemical fertilizers to provide nutrients for crop production. These management practices are expensive, inefficient, unsustainable in the long-term, and require large amounts of resources. Using nanotechnology to create innovative nano-fertilizers (NF) is a potential solution that negates the negative aspects of using solely chemical fertilizers. Nanotechnology involves the manipulation of miniscule particles to engineer products for specific purposes. In agriculture, the production of NFs is a novel area of research and the focus of this project. This research project investigates how NanopectTM, a pectin-based nanomaterial isolated from sour cherry fruits and owned by Psigryph Inc., can be utilized to produce NanopectTM-based NFs with a proprietary nano-delivery system that improves crop production and food quality. Our objective is to develop and optimize specific nano-formulations, for foliar applications on corn and potato, by combining NanopectTM with chemical nutrients essential for plant health. Psigryph Inc. and the agricultural community will benefit from this research by having an environmentally sustainable technology that reduces the need for chemical fertilizers.

Vighnesh Sukhu
Faculty Supervisor: 
Gopinadhan Paliyath;Francois Tardiff
Partner University: