Development and Piloting of Nationally Leading Curricula for Job Coach Training in Autism Spectrum Disorder

This project will develop, pilot and evaluate a training program for job coaches and other related support providers to person with Autism Spectrum Disorder, using several sequential steps, as follows. (1) We will conduct an environmental scan of existing job coach training curriculum. (2) We will present this information in focus groups across Alberta that include adults with autism, family members, job coahces, employes, and other key stakeholders that support the autism community and understand the role of, and potential issues for, job coaches in autism. (3) We will initially test the developmed curriculum in train'lng offered to job coaches through pilot course taugh for two sessions at NorQuest College in Edmonton. (4) Based on evaluation, including pre-and post-course measure administration and post-course focus groups, we will refine our initial pilot training course. (5) WE will develop an online version of the curriculum for dissementation across Canada and internationally.

Wendy Mitchell
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. David Nicholas
Project Year: