Development and validation of a semi-automated in-situ soil sensor using Vis-NIR spectroscopy

Soil health and fertility has important long-term implications on farming practices. However, farmers and agronomists have difficulties to integrate soil assessment into farming decisions, mainly due to the tedious and long soil sampling process. This project aims at providing an innovative tool for agronomists and farmers to determine instantaneously and accurately several soil characteristics such as the soil acidity and temperature, as well as the content of nutrient and organic matter in the soil. The proposed soil probe will be attached on a small vehicle, allowing the semi-automated acquisition of soil data over large areas. This solution would enable the agronomists and farmers to easily assess the soil health and fertility and integrate this information into daily farming decisions.

Olivier Provost
Roberto Buelvas
Faculty Supervisor: 
Viacheslav Adamchuk
Yves Comeau
Partner University: