Development and Validation of Software for the Three-dimensional Quantification and Visualization of Blood Flow Hemodynamics in Patients with Aortic Insufficiency using 4D flow MRI. Year 2

The aim of this proposal is to assist in the development and validation of a dedicated 4D flow MRI analysis software for the evaluation of aortic valve insufficiency. Before being commercialized this software requires validation considering the large amount of data required to be pre-processed (over 2,000 files per case), elemental data corrections, data analysis preparation, data analysis algorithms, and 3D visualization. We will develop an efficient and standardized workflow for 4D flow MRI pre-processing and blood flow analysis with the aim of validating the latter against current clinical reference standard of Doppler Echocardiography to assess the severity of aortic insufficiency across various disease models.

Faculty Supervisor: 
James White
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